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More Ideas ...

Here's a list of things we always wanted to do (or should have done a long time ago; see below for an explanation of the "codes"):

  • Accessibility:
    • Improve accessibility of the system: remedy shortcomings identified by our accessibility report. P,J,C,X,E,S
    • Accessibility of mathematical expressions: make mathematical expressions accessible to screen readers. P,J,C,X,H,M,IP


  • Usability:
    • Improve usability of the system: implement recommendations from usability reports. P,J,C,X,E,S
    • AJAX implementation of helpers ("wizards") to accomplish certain tasks. P,J,C,X,M,M


  • Systems integration:
    • RESTful web services to couple LON-CAPA with other campus systems. P,X,M,LIP

  • Homework features:
    • Vector graphics: complete current <drawimage> implementation and/or investigate alternative using SVG instead of current one based on GD.pm bitmap graphics. P,O,M,M
    • GeoGebra integration: interactive graphical problem interface. P,O,M,M,IP
    • ANDES integration: tutorial functionality. P,M,H,L
    • Drag-and-drop "assembly" type homework problem. P,J,C,X,H,M
    • Data-upload: Tag to formalize and simplify the process of getting data input from the user (e.g., lab data) that is used elsewhere in the homework assignment. P,H,L
    • Multiple-click-on-image imageresponse: problems requiring learners to click on images currently only allow for one-click per answer (in specific or random order). P,J,M,M
    • In-Class clicker support: Using clicker questions interactively in-class. P,J,H,L,IP


  • Resource selection - the interface that instructors use to locate content for their courses (see instructor manual):
    • Different search mechanism: search across the servers in the network currently is rather slow. Needs re-implementation. P,L,M,H,L
    • Recommender system: better implementation of recommender system that instructors can use to locate material in the system. P,M,H,A,IP
    • Browsing: alternative to current interface for browsing virtual filesystem (to scale with domain growth). P,L,M,H,L
    • Drag-and-drop folders/resources between folders in course. P,J,C,X,H,L

  • Anything from our wonderful Bugzilla
Skill Difficulty Scope Status
P Perl E Easy S Small Fry, lots of litte things IP In Progress
J JavaScript M Medium M Medium Chunk, self-contained    
C CSS H Hard L Large Chunk, self-contained    
X XHTML   A Academic, can turn into master's project    
L Linux Networking         
O Open Source Libraries         
M MySQL         

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