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20th Anniversary

20 years of LON-CAPA, 20 years at MSU

The beginning of the MSU Fall Semester 2012, September 2nd to be exact, is LON-CAPA's 20th anniversary!

That's quite a while back, and happened to coincide with MSU switching to a semester system, as this excerpt from the Green Book shows:


  • CAPA (a Computer-Assisted Personalized Approach) is piloted in a physics class of 92 students, using paper printouts and Telnet to serve and grade personalized homework
  • Multimedia Physics gets started with an NSF Presidential Faculty Fellow award, using SuperCard for electronic, interactive course materials


  • Multimedia Physics receives NSF ILI award


  • CAPA starts getting adopted at other colleges and universities


  • CAPA used at over 40 institutions


  • Multimedia Physics courses published on CD
  • 6000 students on campus of MSU use CAPA
  • CAPA receives Sloan Foundation funding


  • CAPA Version 4.5 released
  • Best Paper Award at IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference for "Using Networked Tools to Enhance Student Success Rates in Large Classes"
  • HTML version of MultiMedia Physics published in Germany ("cliXX Physik")
  • HHMI grant to MSU for First Year Online, using LectureOnline
  • Presentation to US Congress during NSF showcase event
  • LectureOnline started as a web application to run online and blended courses, share course materials, and provide online homework
  • First publisher problems in CAPA
  • First external institutions join LectureOnline


  • Introductory physics courses PHY 231 and PHY 232 are online as virtual university courses in LectureOnline
  • Best Paper Award at IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference for "Multimedia Collaborative Content Creation (mc3)"
  • Ben Dasher Award for "Using Networked Tools to Promote Student Success in Large Classes"
  • CAPA receives Sloan Foundation funding



  • Best Paper Award at IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference for "Teaching with ALN Technology: Benefits and Costs"
  • NSF Information Technology Grant, "Investigation of a Model for Online Creation and Sharing in Educational Settings"
  • 25 research publications


  • LON-CAPA is piloted in two physics courses at MSU
  • LON-CAPA becomes open-source (GNU GPL)


  • Version 0.5 of LON-CAPA released






  • Students "cannot do homework" due to power outtage
  • LON-CAPA works on iPod with regular interface
  • LON-CAPA used at 90 institutions



  • Finalist, European E-Learning Award, "Project eÜbungen"
  • LON-CAPA supports R statistical package
  • Fifth Annual LON-CAPA Summer Workshop at MSU
  • Every 4th student at MSU uses LON-CAPA
  • LON-CAPA used at 140 institutions




The official anniversary Baumkuchen, presented by Ostfalia University on the occasion of the 2nd German LON-CAPA User Meeting in Göttingen:

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